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Our framework

1. Assessment

You can’t measure what you don’t track. Understanding where you are right now is an essential step to your journey. In all our programs and courses, you will conduct a personal assessment session.

2. Vision

Who is the real you? What do you really want? Visioning yourself without limits will give you the clarity you need to take the first step. Whatever your vision, we believe this is available to you.

3. Tool & Techniques

Implementing different tools & strategies is one of the most effective ways to manage yourself day to day, but also work on discovering the root cause of your challenges.

4. Sustainable Results

Knowing what to do is one thing – doing it is another. Mind Health School will help you transform your life for good.

Make your mind your greatest asset and create lasting happiness from within, with Nikki at Mind Health School.

One-on-one coaching programs and online courses.

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