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The ultimate self growth Membership that helps you build a wealthy and health mind, relationships and life!

The Academy

The Academy is an ever-growing collection of tools and training to help you:

  • understand your mind & emotions so you can become the best possible version of you. 🧠

  • become the person you need to be to hit your GOALS and create massive success in all areas.

  • become wealthy in your mind, energy, emotions, relationships & quality of life. 📈

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Wins from The Academy community:

The Emotional Mastery Mastermind will take you out of the repeated 'healing' cycle you are currently on and get you to a place of contentment.

The Mastermind

The mastermind is a 3 months program with a hybrid of 1-1 and group coaching guiding you to complete control of your daily thoughts and emotions by learning how to train your mind and map your nervous system.

Instead of feeling consumed by the overpowering voice in your mind, you could:

  • turn that niggling, bullying voice in your mind into your biggest cheerleader and best friend, so that your everyday thoughts actually help you feel good about yourself.

  • feel calm and secure in yourself, without depending on anyone else for your happiness.

  • handle challenges with ease and confidence, knowing that you will always have your own back.

We teach complex and high level theories in bitesize chunks so you can achieve your mindset & growth goals sustainably.

What clients have to say about the Mastermind:

I was looking for support with my attachment style, anxiety and body image. Nikki helped me understand more of my triggers and being able to find the tools to work through these patterns and I now see this isn't just the inevitable of life and I found a new way to live. I like her straightforward-ness and ability to delve deeper into things and not leave things as just superficial points. I recommend Nikki to everyone!



I came to see Nikki because I was repeating the same cycles in my relationships/ dating and wanted to gain more understanding. I made sense of my patterns and have a new found understanding of how I want to build my relationships with others. I am a lot more self aware thanks to this program. Go see Nikki she's amazing!



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Invest In Your Mental Wealth, Transform Your Relationship & Your Outlook On Life in 12 Weeks or Less.

Male CEO Coaching

An emotional mastery coaching program for male CEO's & Entrepreneurs.


  • Master the art of emotional regulation and reclaim your inner calmness & peace.

  • Learn & master the 7 elements to creating bulletproof mindset; Self Awareness, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Faith, Emotional Regulation, Self Care, Compassion.

  • Dissolve & take control of all your old & un-serving emotional patterns including anxiety, anger, shame, frustration.

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Results from High Level Coaching:

Coaching with Nikki transformed my outlook on life.

I am in a better mindset on a day to day basis as I align myself with my values, and living with these at the forefront has made me happier & more fulfilled daily. I have better emotional regulation than ever before, and negative things seem so much smaller than they used to prior to the program.



Nikki helped me manage my anxiety and depression at really low time in my life.

I have now overcome many of my internal battles and I am so grateful for everything I have learnt. The support I received from Nikki was next level.

This program saved my life.


Event Manager + Fundraiser

'Working with Nikki has changed the way my mind works. I have control again.

I have a completely different approach to how I regulate my thoughts and emotions which has led to an immense feeling of confidence and freedom to live my life to fullest.

My mental health has completely shifted thanks to this program.'



Give your team the best possible opportunity to self-manage their internal world and thrive within the workplace by booking me to speak or train your team.


From neuroscience fundamentals to practical applications, employees delve into understanding their minds like never before, gaining more insight into themselves and their opportunities for personal growth.

Outcomes you can expect to see in your team members:

  • Improved Communication

  • Stress & Overwhelm management

  • Confidence boost

  • Increase productivity

  • Conflict resolution

  • Improved attitude

  • Deeper integrated team

  • Clear Mind

Words from participants:

Her presentation was filled with practical advice that we could implement immediately to improve our wellbeing.

Her ability to break down complex topics into simple, practical takeaways helped our attendees to understand how to proactively support their mental and emotional health.

Highly recommended for professional audiences, with tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routines.


Deloitte NZ

Nikki came in to do a session with us as part of a Wellness initiative within our team and it is the most attended event and rightly so.

Everyone was buzzing with the information Nikki gave us and the way she broke it down into simple and easy to resonate information. The efforts put into the presentation was amazing and really engaging definitely kept us over throughout the presentation.

This session definitely gave us food for thought and I've heard from several colleagues that they've been putting her theories into practice and seeing the benefits already!

Thank you Nikki, truly inspiring!


Luxe Weddings Canada

Your thoughts rule your behaviour, so if you focus on flourishing in your inner world, your outer world environments & connections will in turn, transform.

Make your mind your greatest asset and create lasting happiness from within, with Nikki at Mind Health School.

One-on-one coaching programs and online courses.

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