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Mind Health School will help you explore, unlock, and develop aspects of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Imagine a world where mandatory education timetables looked something like this:

Wouldn’t the world look a lot different today if we included soft skills and EQ into mandatory education?

And whilst there is an ongoing fight for the introduction of this information into schools all over the world today, the implementation of this would still leave us with a very big problem; less than 36% of adults in 2022 know how to name and communicate how they feel.

Why is this an issue?

Because studies show that inability to understand and communicate your emotions creates a lack of feeling understood ‘no one understands how I feel’, a feeling of disconnect with peers ‘I do not connect with my partner’, and a feeling of loneliness.

Mind Health School was created because we believe that fundamentally, everyone should be able to understand their thoughts & emotions and know how to communicate that to others.

It is evident today that the education we provide is nothing less than essential for everyone.

So that all seems a little serious, doesn’t it?

Founded by Nikki Evans

How it all started

Hey! I am Nikki, Founder and Mind Health Coach at MHS. I’m an ex-event manager and ex- confused & lost soul turned Mind Health coach and Self Mastery expert who’s never really been afraid to stand out.

I spent most of twenties trying to figure out who I was, flying all over the world attending conferences, spending thousands and thousands to absorb information from the world’s leading experts and having the most fun doing it.

I grew up in a small village in the North of England, my Primary school had less than 100 students and my class, a grand total of 9. I spent my childhood climbing (and falling out of) trees and wearing my brother’s clothes, with parents who loved to travel. A fun fact about me, I used to hide my ‘girly’ clothes and dresses in boxes and drawers away from my parents, so I never had to wear them. Hahaha!

The turning point

As I got older, and after experiencing some huge events in my teens including losing a close friend, I began to feel lost. I had a lot of built-up anger and stress which I had no idea what to do with. I knew that some of my behaviours and habits did not reflect who I really was but I had no clue how to help myself.

I was in a job I didn’t like, a relationship that didn’t serve me and I was living at my mum's house.

So I did what most people would do in that situation and quit my job, left the relationship and booked a flight to Thailand, hahaha. (I did this again, a few years later too but this time I flew to Sydney). #queenflightcatcher

The thing was, I knew what I didn’t want in life, but had no idea
what I did want. I was (quite literally) lost, confused, frustrated,
snappy and just totally lacking direction.

I read books like The Slight Edge, Chimp Paradox and The Secret. I bought online courses galore. I attended events with Keynotes like Mel Robbins, John O’Leary and Professor Stephen Peters and I hired my first coach at 23 to help me implement.

The whole time, I knew that if this was something I needed help with, there must be so many others feeling like this, too.

Fast forward 10 years, I live in Sydney, Australia and I have created a life I probably couldn’t have dreamt of at 20, and a business which helps others to learn and embody the tools I learnt throughout my journey with one KEY difference, this way will cost you way less time and save you way more money.

That’s basically the purpose of what we do at Mind Health School.

My Qualifications

  • Nutrition advisor - Diploma UK

  • Life coach - Health coach institute (USA)

  • Health coach - Health coach Institute (USA)

  • NLP practitioner - Tad James

  • Time line therapist - Tad James

  • Hypnotherapy - Tad James

  • Mental health first aid - MHFA

  • Certified Trauma Support specialist - Arizona Trauma Institute

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mind Health School for?

We offer 1-1 coaching for individuals and group coaching for teams, plus we have a range of online courses and masterclasses available for anyone to access.

I know I need help but not sure where to start.

Well, you’re in the right place! You can apply to work with Nikki directly. View our 1-1 Coaching Page on our services menu.

How can I speak to someone?

Visit our contact page to get in touch with Nikki.

So, you've reached the bottom of the page... not sure what to do next?

Here's four ways we can work together:


The Ultimate Self Growth Membership. Create

healthier and wealthier mind, relationships & bank WITHOUT spending thousands $$$ in therapy.


12 weeks to making your mind your greatest asset and creating lasting happiness

from within. Feel fully supported as we dissolve all your limiting emotional patterns.


Are you a male CEO looking for ongoing wellbeing support? We deep dive into your inner wellbeing to help you remove emotional challenges and actually enjoy your success.


Maximise your teams potential and thrive within the workplace by booking Nikki to speak.

You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You simply need to learn the tools.

Make your mind your greatest asset and create lasting happiness from within, with Nikki at Mind Health School.

One-on-one coaching programs and online courses.

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