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March 15, 20242 min read

Throughout my teens, I had a lot of unresolved issues that led to me being lonely and judgemental towards myself. 

When I was 21, I was introduced to the world of Personal Development and became obsessed with reading books, going to seminars, working with coaches and learning as much as I could about mental and emotional health.

I would look at my Coaches and Mentors in awe, wondering how on earth they could be so articulate and knowledgeable and understand my exact challenges so well. After around six years of my own journey, I began to study Coaching so I could learn how to deliver this information to others.

As a point of introduction, I knew that the first thing that I could do was educate others on how to eat and feel better, so I naturally started with Nutrition. This led to an interest in Mental & Emotional Health.

Looking back on it now, I can’t really pinpoint a time where I thought ‘Yes… This is it, I need to understand the mind’. However, I do remember that with every conversation, every new client, every new set of challenges I was presented with, I knew I needed to serve.

In August 2019 I created Mind Health School, with a dream to educate others on how to connect with their true, authentic self, just like I did. I worked with my 1-1 clients, continued to study and grow and envision the future of the brand.

In March 2020 we launched our first Online Program; in June 2020 we took on our first Organisation Partnership delivering online coaching to groups (still one of our partners today!) and in September 2020 we launched our first Podcast.

In December 2020, we created and launched our Flagship Online Course which continues to enrol clients from all over the world, Accelerate Your Mindset, and in January 2021 we launched our Membership Program, Accelerate Your Year.

The growth of Mind Health School over the years is a direct reflection of the growth of me. I feel so much joy when creating, delivering and impacting my clients and with each success my desire to help others just gets stronger.

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