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Managing Your Mental Health Online

March 15, 20243 min read

Creating a safe space online is KEY!

Whilst there are many negatives that come with having our smart phones attached to our hands, there’s also an equal amount of good that comes with it too.

We encourage smart phone users to fill their phones with all the positive and useful stuff, whether that means ensuring your social feeds are filled with inspiring and helpful posts or spending less time scrolling and more time being productive (like reading online), here are our recommendations to help you get the best experience from your phone whilst on your mental health journey.

1 . Listen to audiobooks on the go

Audible allows you to listen to books on the go. Perfect for those with a commute or long drives and get bored of the radio!

There are millions of books to choose from, including many personal development, health, mindset or books to help you grow your business.

You can pay a small monthly subscription and receive 1 book a month (very good value for money!) or you can listen to one of their 1000’s of free audios!

A great way to learn and grow during your busy day.

2 . Guided meditations for any mood - made super easy

If you struggle to sleep and you haven’t tried meditation yet, give Insight Timer app a go.

It has a ‘sleep’ section, with beginners guided meditations to help you get off to a deep sleep. The app also allows you to select your mood, for example ‘anxious’ or ‘sad’, and the results reveal multiple recordings to ease your mood.

Meditation is no longer only associated yoga loving hippies and is now widely recommended, so no matter where you are on your meditation journey, give this app a try.

3. Simple journaling apps - Reflectly and Tappily

Love journaling but sometimes forget?

It might be easier if you had a journaling app downloaded to your home screen to remind you.

Journaling can be hugely effective and by using an app, it can take less than a few minutes. Simply just by making notes on how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally, you will be actively practicing mindfulness, checking in with yourself and listening to your body… Something which can very easily be forgotten when engrossed in social apps or living on ‘autopilot’.

Try these apps and see which you like best. Top tip- turn on notifications to receive inspo to your lock screen!

4. Creating a safe space on your socials

No matter which social media platforms you use, it’s up to you to make this your safe zone.

Unfollow any Instagram account which triggers any negative behavior for you and replace them with positive ones.

If you follow any accounts which encourage you to be restrictive with your eating habits, have a negative tone, make you feel shamed, judged or encourage you to compare yourself, you should consider unfollowing these accounts.

Real life can be difficult, we don’t need to make our online experience difficult too.

5. Top Insta accounts to follow

Following on from point 4, social media is filled with millions of amazing people!

Find the ones that sing your song, the people who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and accounts which make you feel uplifted and inspired.

Some favorites of ours are:

  • @meganroselane – for body confidence with a hint of humour, Megan does this well. Give her a follow, especially if you have babies! She will keep your energy high.

  • @simonhallbc – the type of person to never let you doubt yourself. He has an amazing podcast too!

  • @antidietriotclub – ‘you can never really feel at home in a body that you view as temporary’ – taken from one of their recent posts… no need to elaborate

  • @melrobbins – if you ever get the chance to hear this woman speak, jump at it! But in the meantime, you can watch her IG stories. Warning- she will make you want to improve your life

  • @lucymountain – she calls out fitness bullshit on a daily, a must to improve your mentality around fitness!

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